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Sayali Kale -

Sayali is professionally Qualified, Experienced, World Renowed Tarot card Reader, Face Reader, Spiritual healer & Reiki Master. She loves to help other people and Understand their Problems & give perfect Remedies for their Problem.

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Tarot Card Reading Course
Embark on a captivating journey into the mystical world of Tarot card reading through our transformative astrology course.

Numerology Course

Uncover the profound language of numbers and unlock the secrets of your destiny with our captivating Numerology course.

Reiki Healing Course

With our engaging Reiki course, set out on a transforming adventure into the world of energy healing.

What we provide?

Our Expert Services


Harness the celestial insights to unlock your financial potential, improving money management, attracting prosperity.

Love & relationship

Embrace the celestial support in your love and relationship journey strategies for overcoming obstacles

Child birth

Unlock the cosmic guidance to navigate child birth challenges and welcome the gift of parenthood

Others Problems

Find solace and support in our astrology consultancy as we help you navigate life's hurdles

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